When You're Anxious

It seems we are living in an era where uncertainty rules the day. The effect of uncertainty is being seen in global political responses, financial market upheaval, and health-care and social disruption. Even online Sunday morning services  are creating a new normal that can contribute to the feelings of instability.

When everything in life feels vulnerable and out of control, it can quickly become a formula for toxic worry. Being isolated and avoiding people's contact can amplify the anxiety as well.

Here's some good advice from  Edward Hallowell's book WORRY:
"The most important step in the process is never worry alone. Connect. Reach out. Commiserate. Brainstorm. Eat together. Talk. Play a game of cards. Hang out together. Do whatever you want; just don't let yourself get cut off from others. Toxic worry does its greatest damage to people who feel isolated."

I would add another step to Hallowell's, and that is to include a keen awareness of God's presence during these anxious times.
"When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy". Psalm 94:19

The focus is not on the circumstances that cause anxiety, but on God's presence in the circumstances. God moves towards us and brings comfort, empathy, and support.  We are not alone in our concerns. God is present, by His Spirit and through His Church.

We are a community in mission and we are here for you. Stay connected, even in isolating times, by joining in online and reaching out to each other in creative and safe ways. We know that fears can begin to dissipate, as He brings a calmness to our daily experiences.

HCC Leadership Team

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