Starting This Sunday - HCC @ Home

As we face these uncertain times due to the COV-19 Corona Virus, our desire is to respond carefully and cautiously, with concern and calmness.

To minimize exposure to the virus, many of you are working from home. A host of major sporting events around the world are taking place without spectators, and large conventions and conferences are being postponed.

Being mindful of all these things, the leadership team at HCC has developed a creative plan for our Sundays. This will allow us to continue as a community in mission, yet do our part in prevention by following the Governor's mandate to avoid large gatherings. We are committed to facing the spiritual needs of our community while carefully and calmly making sure we are not risking the health and lives of people. 

Starting this Sunday, we will become an ALL ONLINE CHURCH until the first week in April.

Sunday services will be provided online and available through our HCC APP and HCC Website.

More details will follow through those two platforms. I encourage you now to bookmark on your computer or download the HCC App for your Android or Apple iPhone or iPad. I also encourage you to share this post with everyone you know, so that we can maximize this online experience for the whole family.

So plan to join us this Sunday morning online for "HCC at Home." We will have resources for your children and lesson plans you can use to keep nurturing their spiritual lives. 

Also, keep in mind, we are available to pray with you anytime. You can reach us at or 253.853.4787.

Remember, starting this Sunday, We will be gathered around screens, but not at the High School. It's HCC at Home online Sunday morning.