In These Uncertain Times

This past Sunday, we concluded our series "Life In An Anxious Age." When we were prayerfully planning this series a few months ago, we didn't realize how relevant and timely it would be. If you were not able to attend HCC during this teaching series, we encourage you to listen to it on the HCC App under Media/Current series.

Recent news regarding the COVID-19 virus has undoubtedly raised our culture and community's anxiety level. We want to be sensitive to the many families who have lost loves ones during this time and continue to pray for them as they grieve these losses.

Here are some additional thoughts moving forward.

First, our natural inclination during these times is to be driven by fear and anxiety, but this is not who we are as a community of faith. Consider swapping out news feeds for a place of rest and peace in Jesus. He will calm our fears as we shape our anxieties into prayers.

Secondly, in times like these, the temptation is to isolate and make self-preservation our goal. We certainly want to be concerned and careful and take the necessary steps that will keep us healthy, but don't isolate yourself from the community. We are here for you. You are not alone; we're in this together. Be creative and lean into community by calling people, checking in with them, caring for each other by praying for one another, and sharing your resources.

Thirdly, as a church, we will continue to follow the Pierce County Health Department recommendations on social distancing that may impact our gatherings on Sunday mornings.  

As always, we continue to adhere to historic best practices:
  • All of our children's toys and furnishings are disinfected every Sunday after use.
  • Protective gloves are used on all diaper changes.
  • Our sick policy is adhered to for kids attending classes.
  • Our giving is done through stand alone offering boxes or giving online rather than passing a common offering container.
  • We are fully stocked with medical supplies, including a defibrillator, with people trained for a range of emergency responses.
  • Treats and coffee condiments are individually wrapped.
  • Lobby tables are wiped down before, during and after the services.
  • Doors are propped open for ease and help prevent the need to touch door handles.
  • Sunday services are available online with a link on the HCC App or at, You can also access the Sunday service online through our public page on Facebook. Here is the link: CLICK HERE (You do not need an account. Ignore the login request).

In addition to these best practices, we will also implement the following during this season:
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided at every table in the lobby.
  • Check-in screens will continually be wiped down.
  • Coffee will offered by a gloved server, with any re-fills in a new cup.

Let's remember during this season that we are a "community in mission." In these uncertain times, we have the opportunity to care for one another, while at the same time share the love of God with our friends and neighbors whose faith is fragile or missing. Let's reach out to them and share our stuff and the love of God with them.